Some commentary from our parents

Alameda Day Care Kids enjoying Preschool Curriculum - Alameda Child Care

Ivette, We can't say enough good things about our experiences with you over the last 4 years.  Your firm yet loving, consistent and compassionate ways have guided our children well, and we are forever grateful. We have always left them with you knowing that they are getting the most loving care, having the most fun, and being stimulated and challenged in the best environment we could ever hope for. It has always been readily apparent just how much our children love and respect you. 

As much as you have taught our children, you have taught us. We have always held your opinion in the highest regard and have used it as a benchmark for all we do with our children. On many occasions, when facing a difficult decision we have discussed your view of the matter; and if that was unknown, tried to figure-out what your view would be (“What Would Ivette do?”) Even when telling us things we did not want to hear; it is always obvious that you have the children's interests foremost in your mind. We also have always appreciated the fact that you do come forward to talk to us about any issue that requires discussion. We have and will continue to sing your praises when the subject of day-care comes up in any conversation.  We truly believe we have been blessed to have you in all of our lives. 

I am writing this letter as a verification of experience for my Family Day Care Provider, Ivette Fagel. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ivette Fagel for 6 years. Ms. Fagel received my child as Provider when she was only 8 months old and continued providing childcare for her until she graduated to kindergarten. She prepared her for greatness. She taught her many things that made her completely successful in kindergarten and she continues to excel now at the age of 6. She developed academic, social, fine and gross motor skills, as well as language development and problem solving skills, just to name a few. She has continued to keep the lines of communication open with my daughter. I really like the opportunities that the children receive for free play and developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day. Currently, Ms. Fagel is providing care for my youngest child. She also began childcare with Ms. Fagel at 8 months of age. She is currently 3 years old and is thriving as well. She is learning her alphabet and loves to read.  My children’s temperaments are very different. Ms. Fagel understands child development and in fact has assisted me with ways to deal with their temperaments at home. Ms. Fagel is a very nurturing and caring provider.


This letter is to let any interested parties know about my families’ personal experience with Ivette Fagel’s daycare service. My children have been in Ivette’s daycare since January 2002, when they were 2.5 years old and 8 months old, respectively. Both my husband and I have felt from the very beginning that Ivette and her staff provide responsible, affectionate care to our children. The environment in which the children spend each day is well structured, clean, fun, and very conducive to learning. The Early Childhood Program has been very effective in teaching basic skills and promoting creativity. I especially feel that my daughter, who is now in 1st Grade, was particularly well prepared for Kindergarten to a great extent thanks to Ivette’s well-rounded care. Now that my son is going to start Kindergarten himself, I have no doubt that he too is more than ready. 


This is a letter verifying the excellent care provided by Ivette Fagel. Ivette Fagel has provided exemplary care for my son for the past two years. He is now 3 years old, and we plan on keeping him with Ivette’s program until he goes to Kindergarten. Ivette provides a loving, safe, educational, dependable, communicative, stimulating place for our young son to go each day of the week. She also makes sure that each child receives a hot lunch and a solid rest/nap each day. In the afternoons, Ivette provides healthy snacks and craft activities. Our son brings home craft projects almost every day, and he is proud of his work. Ivette’s childcare is of the top most quality. She is the most conscientious, reliable, amazing provider that we know. The best thing about Ivette’s care is that she provides a loving and safe place for our son to grow. I trust her.